12/01/10 Fan mail from another Whitevanwoman

I’m very chuffed at the moment as I have just received my first fan mail from a lady called Sue who is also a whitevanwoman. It was a lovely surprise and WhitevanwomanSue said it was ok for me to share it with you all so this is what she said:

Just thought I’d say how fab I think your pages are.
I too own a white van and a dog, love Robbie Williams, am quite arty, HATE bad grammar, spend FAR too much time on facebook and unfortunately, am a little bit gobby too….!
I love the magazine article, very honest….and love the humour in your writing too. I hope you get your book published!  

She sounds very like my Whitevanwoman so I wonder if it is a genetic thing, and that all Whitevanwomen are dog owners and like Robbie Williams and arty stuff and Facebook and being a bit gobby.

Whitevanwoman sent a message back to WhitevanwomanSue to say thank you for the lovely message and that she is glad she likes to read about my adventures. I’m very glad to see that WhitevanwomanSue has joined my Facebook Group “I’m mates with Rigg the pig” and that her little terrier dog, who is called Patch, has posted on my wall Although I like Border Collies (especially female ones) I think terriers are ok although they are often a bit gobby too. On the whole I tend to ignore gobby terriers unless they want to play with me, as they just get under my feet and I end up tripping up over them.

But Patch sounds ok as he likes chasing snowballs like me. I wonder if he is any better at finding them than I am. I must admit that I do feel like I have let myself down by not finding all those snowballs that Whitevanwoman has been throwing for me over the past few snowy weeks. I wonder if perhaps I need my eyes testing, as I can smell them where they’ve landed, but I just can’t seem to see them.

On the subject of my Facebook group, I must admit to being a little proud of the fact that I now have 27 Facebook mates Whitevanwoman said that she is getting a little concerned that I am going to end up having more Facebook mates than she does

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