20/02/10 If huskies can do it, so can mongrels

Me and Whitevanwoman have been having lots of fun today.


Modelling my new husky harness

She has got me a husky harness so that I can pull the sledge and today was the first time we have tried it out properly. She has put wheels onto the sledge which make it easier to pull on the road or on grass. After chopping up some old chairs with the axe, Whitevanwoman loaded the bits of wood onto the sledge and then I pulled it along the back lane to our back yard. It was easy peasy for a muscular athlete like me, so I can’t understand why people think huskies are so clever.

Here’s a photo of me in the sunshine in the backyard with the loaded up sledge…

If huskies can do it so can mongrels

After unloading the sledge, Whitevanwoman decided that as it was such a lovely sunny day, it would be a good day for having a walk on the fell so I was over joyed when she got my tennisball throwing stick and we set off along the fell side behind our kennel. I chased that tennisball up and down the fell at least a hundred times.

We walked along the fell side to the old quarry where I like a game of squash – Whitevanwoman throws the tennis ball at the rocks in the quarry and it bounces round off lots of different rocks and I chase after it trying to catch it before it hits the ground. Heres a photo of me waiting at the quarry for Whitevanwoman to catch up…


Today Whitevanwoman kept throwing the tennisball too high and instead of bouncing off the rocks, it kept getting lost at the top of the rocks so I had to scramble up and search for it. Heights don’t bother me, although I am careful where I put my feet when I’m up at the top of a rocky crag. It reminded me of my search dog training days and I put all my training to good use to find the tennis ball. Here’s some photos of me searching at the top of the rock face…

It's up here somewhere, I can smell it...


not here....


is it down there...?


Go on then, give us a clue...

Whitevanwoman was laughing her head off whilst I was searching and I wasn’t sure why – I thought she was just enjoying the sunshine but it turned out that she was laughing at me. I kept catching a whiff of tennisball at the top of the crag but despite searching and searching I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t understand why I could smell it but couldn’t find it.

Eventually Whitevanwoman called me down into the bottom of the quarry and suggested I look round the bottom of the crag. By this time I was so desperate to find the tennisball I was concentrating on sniffing it out rather than looking for it, and so I am a little ashamed to say that I missed it several times, coming within a few inches of it

It's behind you...


But eventually I saw it, nestled right at the bottom of the crag – the smell must have been rising in the heat of the sunshine up the crag and that’s why I could smell it at the top but not at the bottom. So that was a lesson learned and I think I need to practice my searching skills a bit more, although without being a search dog, there’s not much need for them. But I know Whitevanwoman is always pleased when I find her glove or something else which she has dropped accidently on our walks, so at least I do get to use my skills every now and then.

Then we went down from the quarry to the river and instead of going to our usual swimming area we explored somewhere new and found another excellent swimming area. I had a lovely game of swim fetch with the tennisball, doing some serious swimming as it was quite deep, and it was good to wash all the salt and grit from the winter out of my hair.

My usual swimming spot - you have to climb down the other side of the bridge, then scramble through the left hand tunnel to get to it 
My usual swimming spot – you have to climb down the other side of the bridge, then scramble through the left hand tunnel to get to it
DSCF2028 The other side of the bridge, where we climb down and then scramble through the little tunnel
my new swimming pool in the river - it's nice to have a change My new swimming pool in the river – it’s nice to have a change

Whitevanwoman was quite pleased to see me so wet as she’d been a bit worried that I was putting on as much weight as she has, but as you can see from the photos, I’m still lean and slim – Whitevanwoman thinks that perhaps people think I’m fatter than I am because I have very broad shoulders and my hair is quite fluffy. Phew! I hope that means that she is not going to cut my rations.

See, I'm still slim and athletic - I just have broad shoulders and a shaggy coat 
See, I’m still slim and athletic – I just have broad shoulders and a shaggy coat

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my swim, the water was very cold and my teeth started chattering so we had a brisk walk home and then I curled up happily tired in front of the stove, and dreamed of tennis balls, quarries and swimming.

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