21/02/10 Sledging in the snow?

When me and Whitevanwoman went to bed last night, it had started snowing and there was a thin layer of snow in the back yard. When we woke up this morning, there was several inches of snow and it was snowing heavily.

Whitevanwoman was pleased as because it means we can go sledging and I can try my husky harness and the sledge out in the snow.

Whitevanwoman told me today that the search dogs have all gone up to Aviemore for a week to find some snow to do some avalanche training. I must admit to having a little snigger – he he he – they’ve gone all that way for some snow and now we’ve got loads here – he he he!

I remember when me and Whitevanwoman went up to Aviemore with the search dogs to do avalanche training in the snow 4 years ago. It was great and I had a lovely week, finding people hidden in the snow, and the cold didn’t bother me in the slightest. My thick double layered coat and robust constitution (as a result of regular dietary supplements from the compost bin, and the odd loaf of bread left carelessly on the kitchen work bench by Whitevanwoman) means that I perform well in the cold, although I do struggle a bit in hot weather.

Whitevanwoman told me later that she had been told that I was the best trainee search dog that week. We were both really pleased about that, which makes it so sad that it was only a couple of months later that we stopped search dog training as Whitevanwoman didn’t think we were very good at it and there was lots of other things that she needed to do but which she wasn’t doing because of spending so much time training with the search dogs. It was so disappointing for both of us and I think we both wish things could have been different but I probably wouldn’t have become a sledge dog if I had become a search dog as we wouldn’t have had the time (or energy) to do all the other exciting things we do now. I remember being so tired when we got home from Aviemore and slept for about 2 days solid – although it was one of the best weeks of my life, it was definitely the most tiring week I’ve ever had.

I think I’d better start bugging Whitevanwoman to take me out to play in the snow, just in case it doesn’t last. It always seems to take her ages to get her boots and hat and gloves on and to find her keys, whilst I’m jumping round the place in excitement. If I start pestering her now, perhaps she’ll be ready to go out in about half an hour…

Several hours later…

Whitevanwoman eventually got her boots and coat on and we went outside to dig the white van out of the snow and clear the road. She had taken the wheels off the sledge and she filled it with snow which she had cleared off the road and then she dragged the sledge full of snow over to the garden and dumped the snow out of the way of the white van. I didn’t pull the sledge today (Whitevanwoman said it wasn’t worth the bother and I’d end up getting myself all tangled up) and I was pleased that Whitevanwoman is a good pack leader who believes that a leader should not expect others to do things they wouldn’t do themselves

After that she picked up the tennisball throwing stick and we went off for a snowy walk. We just did our usual short walk but we spent ages playing fetch the tennisball on the way – here’s some photos of me having fun in the snow this afternoon…

Why do tennisballs always roll downhill?


Just having a quick breather...


My white goatee has suddenly got bigger!

The sun was just setting as we got back from our walk and Whitevanwoman said that because the sky was quite red, it meant that it was going to be a cold night and hopefully a sunny day tomorrow. I don’t know how she knows that but I just accept, as ever, that Whitevanwoman is always right (even when she is wrong).

Red sky at night, Rigg's delight...

After a yummy dinner which included egg and chips (Whitevanwoman’s favourite dinner – ok, so the chips were the leftovers from last night as she is on a diet, and the egg wasn’t cooked and was so old that Whitevanwoman wouldn’t eat it), I am now stretched out in front of the stove (only because Miss Tibby has suddenlydecided she likes my bed and she has started sleeping in it and I’m a bit scared of kicking her off it in case I get a scratched nose) and I’m just having 40 winks, thinking about tennisballs and snow…

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