15/03/10 Happy Boneday to me!

Today it is my Boneday and I am 7 years old and waiting patiently for Whitevanwoman to give me the bone which she brought home a couple of days ago and which has been “hidden” in the kitchen ever since (Ha! I sussed out straightaway where it was). I’m really hoping Whitevanwoman will let me have it now but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will have to wait until after I’ve had my dinner tonight.

Whitevanwoman said to me that as you get older, birthdays get less exciting, and that you reach a point where you really don’t want to celebrate the fact that you have got a year older. She says that usually happens when you become middle-aged. I think Whitevanwoman must have become middle-aged a long time ago, because as far as I can remember, she has never really got that excited about her birthday, apart from when she had a birthday nearly 2 years ago when she said it was a “Big One”. I think that means that its an age with a “0″ at the end. She said to me that humans have quite a few birthdays like that but most dogs only have one birthday with an “0″ at the end. Somehow that doesn’t really seem fair to me.

Apparently now I am on the verge of becoming middle-aged. I don’t feel middle-aged and I try hard not to act middle-aged. The only real difference in me now from when I was a youngster is that I like to have a good long sleep after a long walk instead of just a quick nap, and I have to admit somewhat reluctantly that I think my white goatee is getting more obvious and I’m getting a white moustache now as well as a white goatee. But I can live with both of those without any real problems, so I can’t see how being middle-aged is that much of a big deal.

So long as my birthday bones keep coming, I’m quite happy to have as many birthdays as possible


My birthday bone


Happy Boneday to me

Happy Boneday to me

I’m as happy as a dog can be

Happy Boneday to me

Saying “Please”


 Happy Boneday to me, I’m as happy as a dog can be
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