06/04/10 I love going for walks with my mate Ryan

We are back home now after having spent a couple of days visiting the Madhouse after Easter. It was lovely to visit my mates, and I was especially pleased to see my mate Ryan. Although the weather was dull and windy it didn’t rain and so I spent quite alot of time playing fetch the tennis ball with Ryan along the brook which runs behind the Madhouse and where me and Whitevanwoman usually go for a walk when we visit.

Both days that we were there I took Ryan out for a walk with Whitevanwoman and we took the tennis ball throwing stick with us. On the first day I let myself down a little by losing a tennis ball in the long grass and brambles. Me and Ryan searched and searched for ages but neither of us could find it.

Searching for the lost tennis ball

Whitevanwoman tutted and grumbled but produced another new tennisball out of her pocket so I don’t think she was too bothered. I’ve made a mental note of the spot where I was searching and will check it out again next time I’m down that way.

Both days that I went out for a walk with Ryan, I ended up too tired to continue fetching the tennis ball as Ryan can throw it a long long way, much further than Whitevanwoman. Luckily because it has been quite wet and rainy over the last few weeks there were plenty of muddy puddles for me to lie down in to cool off and catch my breath.

Here are some photos of me and Ryan spending some quality time together on the playing field – that boy can really throw….


And here I am just having a quick breather and cool off in a rather nice muddy puddle which I gratefully had a good wallow in …


After we got back from our walk on the playing field Whitevanwoman said that I wasn’t allowed in the Madhouse because I was so muddy – I didn’t think that was very fair seeing as how Ryan was allowed in the Madhouse and he was as muddy as me.

And best of all, I had my usual Roast Dinner leftovers for my dinner – I can always rely on a good bowl of leftovers when we go to the Madhouse. My Easter leftovers dinner bowl wasn’t quite as big as my Boxing Day leftovers dinner but it still took me a good 5 minutes to finish it all, and give the bowl a final lick round to ensure that I hadn’t left anything.

Here’s a couple of photos of me and my mate Ryan – Whitevanwoman says that we are two of a kind – we both like eating, getting muddy and can’t help doing naughty things from time to time. I do like these photos and might ask Whitevanwoman to put one in a frame on the wall above my bed…

Me and my mate Ryan – we can’t help getting a bit muddy

Me with my bestest mate in the whole world (apart from Whitevanwoman)

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