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27/11/10 Snowvember

Me and Whitevanwoman were very excited when we woke up this morning to find a good few inches of snow, enough to do some sledging. I pestered Whitevanwoman all morning whilst she did some jobs, and eventually after spending ages putting … Continue reading

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25/11/10 My mate Kev

I’m feeling a bit depressed and low right now cos my mate Kev has gone. He’s been staying for a few days to help Whitevanwoman do some work on fixing the hole in the wall which is now a new … Continue reading

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18/11/10 I like builders who play football

Yesterday Whitevanwoman had a visit from my mate Jason from the Rescue Team who brought two friends with him, Beaky and Chris. They are builders and had come to sort out all the mess in the living room which Whitevanwoman had made … Continue reading

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