18/11/10 I like builders who play football

Yesterday Whitevanwoman had a visit from my mate Jason from the Rescue Team who brought two friends with him, Beaky and Chris. They are builders and had come to sort out all the mess in the living room which Whitevanwoman had made by pulling the plaster off the walls and making a big hole in the wall. It turned out that there was a reason for doing this, and that the builders were going to turn the hole in the wall into a fireplace for me to lie in front of. I definitely like builders as I think that is an excellent idea.

To be honest, I don’t often lie in front of the stove, being a hot-blooded creature who is pretty impervious to draughts, cold winds and icy water. I prefer to lie along the bottom of the door (Whitevanwoman approves of this and calls it “draught excluder duty”) but it’s all about having choice… Dogs don’t often get much choice in life, but Whitevanwoman is a good pack leader and recognises that giving choice encourages use of initiative, a sense of responsibility, and personal empowerment (although she says that she doesn’t want me to use my initiative too much nor to become too empowered).

I digress… back to the builders….

To be continued…

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