25/11/10 My mate Kev

I’m feeling a bit depressed and low right now cos my mate Kev has gone. He’s been staying for a few days to help Whitevanwoman do some work on fixing the hole in the wall which is now a new fireplace and I think he is a top human, as he gives me loads of fuss and attention, and is quite happy to throw things for me to fetch. Also he’s been sleeping on a little bed in front of the fire which is very convenient for me and when he curls up at night to read his book, there is a nice Rigg-sized space next to him on his bed 😉

It’s gone pretty cold over the past day or so and I think Kev has gone back to his own kennel because our kennel is too cold for him. Whitevanwoman says that me and her are tough Northerners and that Kev is a Southern Softie. But despite the cold, he was quite happy to go for long walks on the fells over the past couple of days which is the other reason why I have adopted him as one of my best mates.

Here we are at Ewebank Scar on 23 Nov

Kev took this photo - he's very proud of it

Kev practising his gnome pose - all he needs is a fishing rod

Chasing bubbles in the water

Yesterday Whitevanwoman took Kev to visit Kentmere Cottage because he used to go there on holidays when he was just a young pup and he wanted to go back to have a look at it. We didn’t hang around for too long as there was a bitter North Easterly wind blowing – Whitevanwoman said it had come all the way from Siberia where Huskies and other Sled dogs live – and I tried to encourage Kev to stay warm and  keep moving by encouraging him gently but firmly to throw a stick for me over and over (and over and over) again.

Making sure that Kev keeps warm by encouraging him gently but persistently to throw sticks for me to fetch

Rigg was here...

WVW pretending to be hard and not notice the biting wind

Early this morning when we took Kev to get the train home it was snowing – the first snow of the winter. Me and Whitevanwoman got very excited as we were hoping that we could get the sledge out but it had stopped by the time we got back and there is only a faint dusting of snow. To be honest, after 2 really good long fell walks over the past 2 days, I’m quite happy to have a bed day today (I hate to admit it but I just don’t seem to recover my bounce after a long walk as quickly as I used to).


(Note by Whitevanwoman – Rigg the pig has just fallen fast asleep mid blog leaving the computer on; he’s curled up in his bed and I don’t think there’ll be a peep out of him for a couple of hours…)


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