Another holiday at lovely Ladthwaite

Me and Whitevanwoman are at Ladthwaite again to look after retired Search Dogs Dynamite and Flash while Anette has gone on holiday. It’s great to be back here again, to be able to romp around the fields and forest and fells and swim in the beck, especially at this time of year when the days are long and sunny (is that why they are called “Dog Days”?), and we can spend many a happy hour  playing frisbee in the newly mown hay meadow or chasing rabbits or going for walks or just following
Whitevanwoman round when she waters the plants and feeds the birds and squirrels.

Whitevanwoman is happy to be here too – she says it’s a wonderful sense of freedom to be virtually incommunicado and she has been doing lots of writing, and reading, and collecting firewood, and generally spending all day outside in the sunshine. She likes to watch the woodpecker and the other birds and those cheeky red squirrels which sit on the porch roof and chatter away. I’m sure they only do it to tease Dynamite and Flash who watch patiently for them to come down from the porch roof
so that they can have a game of “chase the squirrel”. Personally I don’t see what the fascination with squirrels is – I’d much rather chase a rabbit as they don’t cheat by running up trees and I can usually have a good long run after a rabbit. And it’s not worth getting shouted at by Whitevanwoman who doesn’t like it when dogs chase the squirrels.

Dynamite and Flash are well although Dynamite is getting more and more like old Lanky used to be  – she can’t see or hear as well as she used to and she sleeps a lot and just potters along behind us on walks while me and Flash chase each other round the fields or chase a frisbee or tennis ball. She is 14 now which is pretty old but she does still enjoy going for a walk and she enjoys her dinner and I often catch Whitevanwoman giving her extra hugs and cuddles and so although she sometimes seems a bit confused, I think she is happy enough and enjoying her retirement after a long and impressive career as a search dog.

Whitevanwoman has brought the Working Trials training equipment and we’ve been doing lots of Sendaway practice, search practice and retrieve practice so that hopefully I will get some extra points at my next working trial competition and can qualify at CD (Companion Dog) level. Whitevanwoman says that she will be happy if I qualify at CD, and doesn’t expect me to go any further because of my age (technically I’m Veteran age) but I’d be happy enough to carry on and do more
training as I do enjoy it, so you never know, perhaps I might make it to UD (Utility Dog) level  if I apply myself and work hard.


Flash has got a pink frisbee like my yellow one and me and her have had a great time chasing after it – I’m too fast for Flash and am usually the one to catch it but sometimes she gets annoyed with me and tries to snatch it off me and we end up having a tug of war. Flash is one damn stubborn  dog and will not give in, even though I always win cos I am stronger and heavier and just as stubborn as she is so she gets dragged round until she gives in – here’s a video of us…

Whitevanwoman has stopped us from playing tug of war with Flash’s pink frisbee though, because it’s beginning to look a bit worse for wear and instead she produced my old pink fluffy ring out of the back of the white van for us to play fetch and tug of war with – ha, my pink fluffy ring is bigger than Flash’s pink frisbee 😉 I’d forgotten all about my pink fluffy ring – I hadn’t seen it or played with it for ages.

Whitevanwoman says that she doesn’t like me dragging it round the house cos it gets
filthy when the weather is bad, but at this time of year when the fields are dry and mud-free, she doesn’t mind although she still prefers to keep it as an “outside” toy rather than an “inside” toy. But being very much an “outdoor” dog, that’s ok by me.

I can feel my eyelids drooping – it must be all that running around in the fresh air and sunshine with Flash – so I think I’ll see if I can sneak into Flash’s bed for 40 winks…  [growl from Flash]… or maybe I’ll just lie down on the door mat and guard the door [tail wag from Flash]…

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