11-14 May 2012 Our Scarborough Adventure

I’m having a lovely lazy day today after my excellent Scarborough Adventure. WVW keeps on telling me what a clever dog I am for coming first in the dog competition (working trial introductory stake) we were in, so I’m enjoying the glory (and also the 2 foot long rawhide chew which was my reward!). I had a great adventure starting with a lovely day at the beach where I did lots of swimming and frisbee fetching although my cherished yellow frisbee disappeared into the sea and although I hunted and searched for it for ages, it had gone 😦

But WVW had a spare one so although it wasn’t as good as the yellow one it was ok but it is looking a bit worse for wear now, she says it’s been Rigged 😉

Then after meeting up with my good friends , the 2madcollies and for a cliff top walk (and a quick scramble down the cliffs for a run on the beach and quick swim with Lucy), I met up with my fellow competitor and friend, Jasper the nervous merle collie, who I’ve met several times now at competitions. He’s doing really well with his training and getting much braver and more chilled out because of all the hard work that his owner Emily has been doing with him, and he came a very close second. I wanted to make up for the disappointment in the search square at the last competition and so, much to WVW’s surprise and delight,  I made sure I found all 4 items that the judge had very careless dropped in the square in the field, although I only needed to find 3, and I found and retrieved them (without eating any) in double quick time too.

Then I was good as gold during the heelwork and only sniffed a clump of grass once, and I breezed over the jumps (that’ll teach WVW to doubt me!) but WVW stupidly gave me the wrong command after I went over the scale and told me to stand, when she knows that I always lie down after a jump, doh! That meant I lost 2 points. And she messed up in the down stay when she just walked away and left me and I didn’t realise that it was a stay so I started to go after her but then I stopped when I realised that all the other dogs were staying. Luckily the judge was well in touch with his canine side and he knew straight away that it wasn’t my fault and so he said that it wasn’t fair to penalise me for the handler’s mistake. I think WVW has learned her lesson!

I was pretty tired that night, and only managed to chew one knot off the end of my massive chew and then after another lovely cliff top walk the next day, I slept soundly all the way back to our kennel, and as soon as I’d had my dinner, I happily curled myself up in my own bed (there was no way I was going to let Miss Tibby share it with me despite her pitiful meows and desperate nose licking) and I slept like a very happily tired dog, dreaming of red rosettes and massive rawhide chews. It makes up for the disappointment of never having managed to get a green search dog tag.

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2 Responses to 11-14 May 2012 Our Scarborough Adventure

  1. Nick says:

    Silly WVW. Next time, send her for a brew and just do it all yourself. You will get 100% then. 🙂

  2. rigg the pig says:

    I agree, I’d like to see her do the 6 foot scale and 9 foot long jump! Whatever happened to “lead by example”?!

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