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Welcome to Whitevanwoman’s page

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Never forget who is in charge of the tennisballs!

About Me

Long-suffering owner of Rigg the pig  (a border collie cross staffordshire bull terrier cross labrador?), and owner driver of the White Van. Keen promoter of all things environmental, budding entrepreneur, future girlfriend / wife mistress of Robbie Williams

the white van

the white van

Likes :

Dogs and other animals, mountains, tents, crafty stuff, good food, good live music, wellies, being a bit gobby, men who can cook or can afford to eat out all the time, visiting the Madhouse, Citroen 2CVs, Ladthwaite, blackcurrant and liquorice sweets, attempting to play violin, music festivals

Dislikes :

Cooking, housework, living in a draughty old house, polystyrene ceiling tiles, being told what to do, bad grammar, Carphone Warehouse, people who hit dogs, dogs with bad manners, children with bad manners, wellies with  holes in them, people who say things they don’t mean

Hobbies :

Outdoor stuff, arty / crafty stuff, DIY, blogging, sleeping, time-wasting on Facebook, exercising Rigg the pig, photography, dog training, fiddling,

My Photos and Videos :

Click here to see my photo gallery (coming soon)

Click here to see my video gallery

Contact me :

whitevanwoman @ tiscali.co.uk

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