About the author

November 2007

I’m dark haired, fun to be with and friendly, of mixed ancestry; my father was a working sheepdog who seduced my mum who was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross – we’re not sure what her parents were, but my owner (whitevanwoman) thinks that I have Labrador genes, as I am good at hurling myself into rivers and have a keen nose for anything remotely edible.

Aged 4, I’m in my prime, and weigh in at about 28kg. My favourite hobbies are eating, saying hello to people, saying hello to other dogs (particularly female collies), playing fetch with anything fetchable (particularly tennis balls), swimming, and stealing loaves of bread off the worktop.

When I was a youngster I used to go to dog school every week and graduated with my gold Good Citizens Award aged nearly 2 in 2005.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog – Gold award (for being very very obedient)

After graduation, I applied for and was accepted to train to be a Mountain Rescue Search Dog which I loved doing because it involved tennis balls and saying hello to people,  and I have to admit, I was quite good at it.

 The first find of the day was the winchman’s buttie box

Unfortunately, after a year of training, we had to stop doing Search Dog training because Whitevanwoman was too busy doing other things (like working and fixing the inside of her kennel) and I really miss it but we still play “search” sometimes which is great fun.

Since then we have had more time to spend with Whitevanwoman and my housemate, old Lanky lad, SidPuss and Miss Tibby Tabby and, I have to admit, life is pretty good although I do wish my dinner bowl was bigger.

 I do wish my dinner bowl was bigger

You can read about my day to day adventures in my blog. I hope you like my site.

January 2009 update

The first limited edition of “Memoirs of a mongrel – may every day be a tennis ball day” were printed and distributed to my very best friends for Christmas 2008. I hope to get a publishing deal this year, so if you would be interested in a copy, do let me know.

May 2009 update

My blog has moved from http://www.etribes.com/riggthepig to www.rigg-the-pig.com . The adventures of a hairy hooligan continue and the past 2 years of my blog will be added to the new site gradually. Becoming a “Dot Com” site has meant a whole new look to the website and I hope you like it.

November 2010 update

Following a period of writer’s block during the summer of 2010, during which I enjoyed several adventures notably the Northumberland Adventure which was to prove to be life-changing in terms of new goals and aspirations (blog post currently in production), my website is undergoing a complete revamp. I hope to formally launch the new website at Christmas 2010.

Volume 1 of Memoirs of a Mongrel by Rigg the pig – “May every day be a tennis ball day” which starts when I started blogging in November 2007 and ends in November 2008, is available for download using the link in right hand side margin.

Volume 2 of Memoirs of a Mongrel by Rigg the pig – “Life after Lanky” is currently in production. It is planned to be available to download when the new website is formally launched at Christmas 2010.

August 2011 update

Having been too busy training for a new career in Working Trials to blog much over the past 12 months, Rigg is now trying to catch up with his memoirs and hopes to publish a number of posts about his adventures over the past year retrospectively. Volume 2 is still a work in progress, and as yet, Volume 3 remains unstarted. The new website is now taking shape nicely and Rigg now writes a second blog entitled That Damn Cat, about the trials and tribulations about living with Miss Tibby Tabby.

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  1. Gary J Smith says:

    I think a picture of Boudicca would go down well on here. 🙂

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