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What is the Tweet Button at the bottom of each post for? 


The Tweet Button, shown above, is a web tool that allows users to post a Tweet to their Twitter profile from any website. Tweets posted using this button are pre-populated with a shortened link to the webpage from which the message was posted. Users have the freedom to customize their Tweet before sending it.

What’s useful about it?

Sharing a link to a webpage you’ve found is a great way to spread information on Twitter. With the Tweet Button, you can quickly share the webpage you’re viewing with all of your followers – you don’t have to go to or go through the hassle of shortening links and cutting and pasting the desired URL into your message. You’ll also be able to discover and follow other Twitter accounts relevant to the content you’re viewing, all without interrupting your browsing.

How to use the Tweet Button:

  1. Begin surfing the web (try one of the webpages above).
  2. When you see the Tweet Button on a webpage that you feel like sharing, click it.
  3. If you’re not already logged in to Twitter, you will be prompted by a pop-up box to log in.
  4. A box will appear that looks like the one below. Your remaining characters are counted in the bottom right. Edit the Tweet if you would like to.
  5. When your Tweet is ready, click “Tweet.”
  6. The box will then show you information about related Twitter accounts – you may follow these users, or simply close the box.
  7. Continue browsing the web. If you’d like to confirm that your Tweet posted correctly, visit your profile.
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