Volume 2 – Life after Lanky

Volume 2 of “Memoirs of a mongrel” sadly starts with the loss of Rigg the pig’s best mate, and Whitevanwoman’s first dog, Lanky, aged nearly 15 in December 2008.

In “Life after Lanky”, Rigg the pig describes his struggle to take on the responsibility of Top Dog, trying to live up to the standards set by Lanky. We hear about his vital role in keeping Whitevanwoman cheerful despite her sadness at losing Lanky and how his adventures continue during 2009 and 2010.

Notable adventures include his Great Adventure in April 2009 and the Northumberland Adventure in the white van in September 2010.

As constant companions, Whitevanwoman and Rigg the pig take up new hobbies including dog sledging, bikejor and rollerwalking, and enjoy celebrity status as subjects of a magazine article.

To download Volume 2 of Memoirs of a mongrel, click here (coming soon at Christmas 2010)

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